Watch ED Mnangagwa jets into Russia for the second time after the first visit was unfruitful.

President ED Mnangagwa has today arrived in the Russian resort city of Sacho where the Russia Africa Summit is set to commence tomorrow.

Zimbabwe is set to join other 49 African heads of State and Government in exploring the Russian Federation.

President ED Mnangagwa is visibly accompanied by Minister of Finance Proffesor Mthuli Ncube and other diplomats.

Two MOUs are expected to be signed on cooperation including mining.

The President was recently in France and received immense criticism for his great desire for travelling to different summits and meetings which are not yielding results to the Zimbabwean nation.

President ED Mnangagwa has attended a couple of meetings with the Russian President Putin in Russia and even met at the sidelines of the BRICKS meeting in South Africa.

The meetings hasn’t yielded material results on the ground.