There is a mystery in places. Before satan was chased away from heaven God designed a place for him.There is amystery called a place, what kind of a place are you on.

The God we worship is capable of giving us places. It has to be registered in your mind first before being downloaded. I have witnessed this God moving me from one place to another.

There are pastors who live just to preach other pastors instead of preaching to expectant congregants. If you want to make it in life mind your own “Hokoso”business. Know that business is business.

If you cant manage your own business buy your house and that on the next door and be your own neighbour so that you dont interfere with the life of the person next door.

I am not just an ordinary prophet, I carry a special anointing. This anointing promoted me from Chitungwiza, to the Avenues, from Avenues to Greendale, from Greendale to Borrowdale Brook, I was living adjacent to the Blueroof”ndaiti ndikati namate ndotarisa blue roof”,I then went to ( Bahammas Double story, America Washington DC.Just last week I bought a house in H Chitungwiza.

If you are serious this God will do it for you.