Zimbabwe Socialite, Misred, speaks about being in an abusive relationship and having a child at a young age.

Misred says she was with a man that belittled her intentionally.

He would plan and make it his job to reduce her. He would tell her he would make her suffer.

Her life stopped when she got pregnant. He took her away from her family when she was living in Mozambique. He went to her parents and asked to marry her. She felt she would disappoint her family if she didn’t accept his proposal.

She believes she did not love him. She also believes that she was a rebellious child and got married early and gave up her dreams for an early marriage. She started partying at 14 years.

She became a housewife at 20 years. She says she wished someone had told her to slow down when she was young.

One day her mother decided to visit and she had lost 20kg and was now weighing 52kg.