Sad story of a Mutare female student having a physical relationship with a goblin

In 2014, l got enrolled at a college in Mutare. I participated in a campus Christian group. There was a member called Petronella.

Petronella was so beautiful. She was a devout Christian. However, something was strange about her behavior. She was always moody.

She didn’t like participating at the campus fellowship. She always wanted to fellowship at the main church which was in town and opted to even sleep at the Pastor’s place.

We thought this is by option but it wasn’t. Details emerged that Petronella had a physical relationship with a goblin all night if she ever slept at the hostels. That’s why she opted to sleep at the Pastor’s place or in church.

So sad that she opted to have a boyfriend to have a relationship with her physically so as to prevent the goblin from visiting her.

Watch the video article for full details.

(The name and location has been changed for identity sake).