God himself to fight the enemies of Zimbabwe after 3 days prayer- Emmanuel Makandiwa declarations

2 Kings 7v5-8:

Zimbabwe will not rise unless it is spoken.

This week we are raising alters against the enemies of this nation. Our God will prove that he is God over this nation and beyond.

Sound the alarm, pull out your sword, it’s time to see the utter destruction of the enemy! The wrath of the Lord is swiftly coming upon every enemy of our success! Declare pandemonium in the camp of the enemy.

Erect alters, call upon God Every authentic Altar has to work either for good or for bad. If it is not working then it’s not an altar. So how does this thing work?

We are sons of the prophet, we were given nations and Zimbabwe is our nation. We are drawing closer to our altars before the fire of God comes down. What we are going to see happening in this nation is amazing and unheard of. This nation is His. There is allocation of places. When a place is given to you by God through the prophetic and you stand your ground nothing can move you. Even if you don’t know that you’ve been given places by the prophetic you’ll find yourself occupying places. The prophetic can give you places.

•These are prophetic declarations and not just prayers. This week you’ll prophesy as you’re commanded. When altars are broken there is no need to make announcements but you’ll know it that they’ve broken down. This power is not going after fake witches but after the real ones and real altars.

•We don’t have to live like bewitched Zimbabweans but we know our God.

•Mukuoma kwezvinhu nesuwo ngatiwedzerei kuoma mukuvava kwezvinhu nesuwo ngatiwedzerei kuvava.

The Altar is a place of Preparation, Transformation, Elevation, Reparation and Restoration. It is a place where significant Alterations are made for the sake of Generations to come.

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