What happened to homewrekers being discreet about their illicit affairs with married man? Meet the Nude Model , Whitney Masike aka The Bandour Model.

Whitney was born on 8 August 1999 and started modelling at a very young age in her early teens.She has been a regular cover photo on B.Metro for years now.

Unlike most models who are always after the crown , this mom of one has a different goal.Hers is to bring the top model in her and that is bandour modelling.

Miss Whitney decribes bandour modelling as a type of lingerie modelling where you pose in under garments to advertise brands.But as we have seen most of the times she is more than Vimbai Zimuto in being fully naked.

The nude model is trending now for deceiving her longtime friend AStar Tendere , who is Ti Gonzi’s wife by dating her husband.When confronted she started insulting AStar telling her to treat their man with respect.

TiGonzi’s wife has said that , her husband’s new song Uri Speshari was penned for this model.The rapper also featured his mistress in the music video which debuted a week ago