Prominent Human Rights Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa said the Zimbabwean justice system is flawed, it will continue to get worse as long as those who interfere with the due process and administration of justice are allowed to be a law unto themselves.

In an interview with Trevor Ncube, Mtetwa said Zimbabwe is in trouble until the three branches of the government decides to play their role as stand alone entities and refuse to dance according to the music of those controlling them.

She said “When you get a chief justice saying a president has a discretion to refuse a list given to him by the judiciary services commission as to who to appoint, you know that you are in trouble.

Cases are being stalled and judiciary is not playing its role to make sure that things are done timeously”.

Mtetwa added that it is unacceptable that the full judgement in the presidential petition by Chamisa against Mnangagwa is not yet out when systems in other countries take not more than ten days.

“Zimbabwe has a new constitution that should have been aligned when Mnangagwa was Vice President heading the justice portfolio but upto now nothing has been done because there is no political will to realign it”, she said.

Mtetwa added that media freedom is completely underestimated, it is at the core of democracy and should be defended with everything that the nation has.