Sanctions are not the problem- Chief Ndiweni

Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni claims that the current challenges the country finds itself in is not caused by targeted individual sanctions imposed upon certainindividuals.

On the video that went viral , chief Ndiweni says that the government must come clean tell the truth why the country is suffering. He says there is wide evidence from both international and local academics that targeted travel restrictions imposed on cetain individuals are not a threat to Zimbabwean economy.

Chief Ndiweni added that if sanctions were removed today , Zimbabwe ‘ s economic status will not change . He singled out corruption and fraud by those in power as the major cause for the country ‘ s economic trouble.

As a point to emphasise his claims the chief pointed Iran as a good example to back his claims. He said that Iran is doing well although sanctions were imposed to the entire contry .

Chief Ndiweni wonders why some people get richer and richer by the day yet there are targeted , specific individual tavel bans.

Robert Mugabe ‘ s government misinformed people that sanctions targeted on him and his ZANU PF top brass caused suffering. The current government of ED Mnangagwa is doing the same. Corruption and fraud are the main cause of suffering in Zimbabwe .