13 October 2019


1 Kings 18 vs 30-34

I am here to make you understand not only the operations of the devil but also for you to appreciate the victory that you have over the devil. The power that God gave to His people is much greater than that of Lucifer.

What is it about the altar?

Most of you don’t understand what altars are. An altar can either work for your good or against you. There is no altar that doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, it is not an altar.

So how does this thing work? When somebody has a curse that they want to hand over to the next generation but they know because of time they will not be alive to do it, how do they transfer it to a generation that is yet to be born?

That is when evil altars come in. It is an evil account, an evil bank that is opened by an individual in a certain generation where curses are stored.

They wanted a chance to see you face to face and pronounce the curse on you but they knew they had the disadvantage of time.

So an account had to be formulated in the form of an evil altar and deposits are made into that account in the form of enchantment and curses. They go to places because they know places outlive people.

So how altars work, you will be forced to make a withdrawal from it.

Altars are given information to store.

When words are put into the altar, the altar has power to convert those words into a lifestyle. The power of the altar is not only in preserving the words but also in converting then into a lifestyle.

You are a product of what was written on evil altars. Your life begins to follow what they said.
You have to be careful that your poverty is not according to their script; what they said.

God will raise a nation according to the words that the Prechers in that Land have preached. You will prosper according to the messages that you heard. God will elevate you according to the word that you have received.

Don’t underestimate altars. You can only fight an altar with an altar.

The way that the devil has advanced himself against Christians, you need to upgrade yourself.

When you are confronting an altar, you have to speak boldly!

Be strong and be bold. Stand your ground!