The Passport registar in Zimbabwe is said to have recorded a backlog of 370000 passports to date. The backlog is said to be as a result of shortage of foreign currency which have been hindering printing.

In an interview with eNCA the coordinator of Zimbabwe Exile’s Forum Mr Tino Mambeu articulates the reasons for the increasing backlog. Mr Mambeu attributes the shortage to misgovernance by the current government since during the Government of National Unity there was no passport backlog.

According to Mr Mambeu, Zimbabwe has many miserable people who are desperate to flee the economic woes in the country as such it is the responsibility of the government to solve passport crisis.

The challenges in the provision of passports will eventually lead to an influx of undocumented migrants to neighboring countries in pursuit of greener pastures.

Mr Mambeu also took the opportunity to exploit other troubles engulfing Zimbabwe such as rampant inflation, shortage of medicinal drugs and demonstrations by doctors among other economic woes.

All these problems are said to be because of Mnangagwa’s failure to implement economic and political reforms. Mr Mambeu also castigated ED Mnangagwa for rigging elections without the knowledge of how to run the country.