Flamboyant Prophet Passion Java today said the greatest danger that any human being can be in is a marriage with someone who is not at the same soul level with them, someone whose soul is tied to other people.

He said that it is easy to deliver someone who is afflicted by demons than someone with soul ties as they are usually controlled by people instead of God.

Java said soul ties refers to two souls being knitted together and a soul tie is when a person’s soul is knitted to something which can be a place, people or something else.

He added that only God can break these ties like he did with Abraham when he said “Abraham, Come out of your father’s house”,said Java.

Java said that marrying a woman who is not at the same soul level can make someone go through a hard time.
“I will have a hard time marrying lazy person, a big liar, a thief where as a thief can be happy to marry another thief because they are at the same soul level.
Some people cannot have sex with anyone else without first thinking of someone from the past, those are the soul ties,” he said.

He added that soul ties are the reason why “it is dangerous to have relationships with people who will never marry you because once you get somebody to marry you, you want that person to treat you the way that somebody used to treat you before.

You tasted something sweet and nice that this new person doesn’t have and you want him/her to feel that gap but its not gonna happen because they are two different people”.

He urged people to break out of these soul ties because God wants to settle and empower them .