As the economy of Zimbabwe continues on a downward spiral, it seems as if the government is not willing to do anything to turn around the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans.

It has emerged that the government has engaged several combi operators to put them in as ZUPCO and cushion commuters a little longer. They are using the ‘budget surplus’ they have been claiming to have reached to contract combi operators so that they charge unrealistically low prices to make sure other combi operators will reduce their fares.

Commuters have been crying foul as they were saying ZUPCO buses are not meeting the demand as more and more of them are now turning to ZUPCO since private operators were now charging as high as $15 per trip.

Private operators have no option but to respond to the hiking of fuel prices as now a litre of diesel is now almost $16. There is no way one can charge a fare where they will operate at a loss.

Registration and signing of the contracts is reported to be underway.