HEALTH: Permanent treatment for Fibroids now available to Zimbabwean Women

Embolisation now available in South Africa

Many women in Zimbabwe suffer from Fibroids. This is a very painful condition that can interfere with child birth and General wellbeing.

Fibroids can also cause miscarriages.

Many doctors have been treating Fibroids through surgery. However, they often come back after surgery.

Then after the birth of our daughter in 2017 the Fibroids were still there and were growing she had 3 which were 4cm diameter. The doctors still insisted on doing a mymectomy to remove the Fibroids.

A new form of treatment is now available in South Africa that can assist women with Fibroids.

The treatment is called imbolisation and is available in South Africa at Parklane Hospital.

The procedure requires hospitalization for 2 days only.

A woman who underwent this procedure said it has treated her permanently.