The President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa and his rival Advocate Nelson Chamisa seem to have gone deaf to the calls of the people for them to dialogue and give in their pride for the sake of the nation.

At this point and time, there is a need for the government to address the issue of the delapidating economy that is taking a huge strain on the ordinary citizens of Zimbabwe.

The International Community has made several calls reaching out to the two main political parties in Zimbabwe but non have heard the call.

Advocate Chamisa refused to join the POLAD which was set up by President Mnangagwa stating that the dialogue can not be headed by someone who he claims to be an ‘illegitimate’ leader of this country.

By not engaging into this dialogue, this has further worsened the social, political and economical situation of Zimbabwe.

In this past week, the country has experienced the sharpest increase of prices ever recorded, with the fuel and electricity charges going up by 250% and 320% respectively.

Basic commodities prices are increasing by the day with the latest been the bread prices having gone from $9 to a stuggering $15 per loaf.

Should Mnangagwa and Chamisa join forces and put away their egos, the country’s woes could be resolved in a very short space of time. The citizens on Zimbabwe are sending a distress call to the leaders but no ones seems to be listening.