Full name : Tapiwa Sithole
Born in February 1994
Known As Tapie Cherrie


Children : Webster Shamu Jnr


Monte Cassino


Her popularity came when she was impregnated by Hon. Webster Shamu.After she gave birth she was shipped to UK by Constance Tsomondo his wife with the help of Cuthbert Dube who offered her a scholarship.She became Miss Diaspora UK when she relocated there.


• She is famously known for being Webster Shamu’s mistress at only 15yrs.

•She allegedly dated Shamu when she was friends with his then teenage daughter Bianca.

•Constance Tsomondo has told the press that after Tapie Cherry was pregnant , she was so disrespectful to her as the little mistress used to call her insulting her.( she claimed to have the recordings)

•She was once accused by a woman on facebook of going to apostolic sects to redeem her slay queen image.

•The Queen Of Fashion has made headlines for being in a incestous relationship with Russell Goreraza and Robert Junior Mugabe who are both Grace Mugabe’s sons.

Brands For Less saga

•She visited Edith-Maziofa Tapfuma’s store and caused chaos until Highlands Police was called on her to be evicted from the Brands For Less Store.

•She spent the whole day posting about how cheap Brands For Less clothes were in quality .She even dragged Elizabeth Tsvangirai in the trolls.

•People never took her seriously because Top Celebrities such as Queen of Swagga , Pokello and Jackie Ngarande shop there.

World Tourist

She has visited almost all countries in the world be it for her birthdays , soccer matches , Beyonce Tours , Fashion Week , Carnivals and a certain publication has joked that she flies to Singapore for lunch.

LLB Graduate

After giving birth , she said Hon Shamu is the one who encouraged her that the sky is the limit.She thanked him the day she graduated.

Situation With Shamu

They have a great co-operenting relationship.Close sources have said if not for Shamu’s wife who continued harrasing her , to move on , these two could still be in a polygamorous marriage as they share a special connection.