ZIMA has issued a statement expressing their shock at the attack on the Medical Profession by the state. Following the suspension without pay of the 2 senior medical practitioners

ZIMA has responded accordingly. The board has argued that is it a crime supporting the demand that government should restore the capacity of the decaying hospitals and the health professionals who can no longer afford to go to work. ZIMA has said it is in full support of the doctors who are expected to work when there is barely enough resources to use, no medication, no equipment and their remuneration is barely sufficient.

ZIMA is therefore calling on the government to put an end to this misguided, misinformed and self-defeating madness before completely destroying what is left of the already deteriorating industry.

#ZIMA urges government to use dialogue and not confrontation to resolve crisis.

#ZIMA calls all doctors to stand together against this unprecedented assault on the profession.

#ZIMA calls on Zimbabweans to pray for preservation of life during these trying times for the medical profession.