Following a proposal by the Zimbabwe Heads of christian denominations that Zimbabwe requires a break from politics of elections in order to recover from the damage the country finds itself into honorable Energy Mutodi the deputy minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting services has responded by castigating christian leaders and labeling them as false prophets.

Honorable Mutodi took aim at Reverend Kenneth Mtata who is currently the secretary general of the Zimbabwe council of churches. (ZCC) He labelled him as mad and false. Mutodi did not spare other leaders of the christian movements. He described them as hypocrites in his message that he posted on his twitter handle.

Mutodi added that those leader were not coming from God but from the devil . He associated them to Baal’s prophets in the bible. Mutodi is angered by the ZHOCD proposal that seeks to find a new path into the problems affecting the country. Its a clear refusal to hold serious dialogue with Nelson Chamisa.

It is alleged that both Nelson chamisa and ED Mnangagwa will respond to the ZHOCD proposal. Mutodi ‘s message casts a dark shadow on ZHOCD proposal. In the past Mutodi has made strange and reckless utterances.