In the past few days, Jonathan Moyo has been calling for a new culture of inclusiveness in the political arena rather than personalities, slogans and divisive politics.

This received thumbs up from even Nelson Chamisa who is now believed to be receiving advise from Jonathan Moyo himself.

Responders asked Professor Moyo whether he was giving relevance to the POLAD team which is currently having a dialogue with ED Mnangagwa.

Nelson Chamisa thumbs up Professor Jonathan Moyo’s tweet


Professor Jonathan Moyo trashed the POLAD as an association with no different thinking, but loosers who look alike, think alike, and chasing after state money only.

Professor Moyo trashes ED Mnangagwa’s POLAD

Real dialogue which will bring an end to both the economic and political crisis has been said to be only between Chamisa and ED Mnangagwa.