Gambakwe Media sources have revealed that around 2000/2001 a number of spirit mediums went to Mugabe and convinced him that Zimbabwe needed to be cleansed. Certain rituals needed to be performed to silence the spirit of war in the country.

Outcome of the Rituals

The Spirit Mediums told Mugabe that when Zimbabwe reaches 40 years (That means anytime now), Zimbabwe will become number one in the world.

Mugabe was told that young people born after 1970, who are under 40 years but less than 50 years will arise and lead the country.


This happened in Chitungwiza near the milk farm, across the road. This was Chaminuka’s old shrine.

At that time, many people in ZANU-PF started to conduct rituals trying to influence the spirit mediums.


The source says that It is well known that Mnangagwa is always consulting traditional healers.

So during that time, when people from the President’s Office got messages from the Spirit mediums, they had to report to Mnangagwa first.

Mnangagwa therefore got information from the Spirit mediums before Mugabe.

The sources believes that Mnangagwa used this information to time the Coup so that when 40 years arrives, he will take credit for turning Zimbabwe around.

Mnangagwa believes that he can gather young people around and successfully lead the country in the right direction.

However, the source says Mnangagwa will not get Chaminuka’s Staffs as these staffs turned into a bull and walked away.

However, the staff of Mukwati was returned.

The sources says this happened on the day when elephants walked into Harare CBD , and the were killed by National Parks Department.


The source revealed that Nelson Chamisa had been accepted to take over by the Ancestors.

However, he would not take over without first gaining an understanding of the internal workings of the system in use by ED Mnangagwa and those around him.

Chamisa  was told that he has a key to the Presidium. He can get in if he manages to do the prayers.

The source said that Chamisa can not be hindered from seeing his ancestors because of church, because the church is good. All he has to do is to know how to balance his Christianity with the prayers to his ancestors.

Saviour Kasukuwere

The source explained that Savior Kasukuwere could have been given the staffs of Chaminuka by Mugabe but that meant nothing as this is in the flesh and not in the spirit.

The next President of Zimbabwe can not be anointed in private, but after a ceremony.

The role of Mugabe

Our source explained that Mugabe had been born with power naturally.  He was born with that power, he did not get it from rituals.

His role was to establish the old Munhumutapa kingdom. However, before the war of liberation , Mugabe, Nkomo, Sithole and Josiah Tongogara were given things by the spirit mediums that they had to surrender after the war.


Our source said that the current problems in Zimbabwe are because traditionally, if your ancestors want to speak to you , they bring about much suffering so you end up consulting

The spirit mediums told Mugabe that after the 40 years , there will be young people with a lot of information about things that have been secret for long. This is the beginning.