Mary Chiwenga’s husband Retired General Constantine Chiwenga is battling for his life in China.

It is on record that the current president ED Mnangagwa and his deputy general Chiwenga are the most corrupt leaders in the history of Zimbabwe.

They have presided over the diamond companies in Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo . General Chiwenga has many many properties abroad including some in Malaysia.

Mary Chiwenga is set to loose certain properties where ED Mnangagwa has personal interest. When General Chiwenga goes war between ED Mnangagwa will erupt. Mugabe died adn ED is planning to take the Blue roof from Grace.

General Chiwenga’ s relatives are not happy with ED Mnangagwa. They have dragged Mary to their side. looming reports of Chiwenga’ s poising have intensified relations between general Chiwenga’ s camp and ED Mnangagwa’ s bootlickers.

When general Chiwenga goes to Zimbabwe, we will see another shocking drama similar to the Gushungo drama experienced last month. ED Mnangagwa will again face tough criticism from both the Chiwenga family and the Military top brass in support of General Chiwenga.