Zinwa Spokesperson Mr Tsungirirai Shoriwa

The Zimabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has hiked its tariffs saying the development has been necessitated by the ongoing sharp sharp increase in the cost of treatment chemicals and production.

The re-aligned tariff structure will see high density residents paying $3,42 from the previous paid 80 cents for five cubic metres of water, which is a 400 % raise.

Zinwa said the increase is in line (Chapter 20:25) which requires the authority to make viable changes that are affordable even to ordinary citizens.

The authority said “The re-aligned tariff structure has been designed in a manner that protects the socially vulnerable through the provision of a special tariff for the first five cubic metres(5000 litres) per month.

Zinwa added that the raise will promote efficient use of water as tariffs will increase by consumption.