The deputy chair of the Movement for Democratic Change, Mr Job Sikhala has been heavily criticised and humiliated by socialites for wearing a three piece suit with a waistcoat that appears like a “belly button” coat.

The post was made by his colleague MP Fortune Molokele after a celebration of their political journey together which began in 1996 at the University of Zimbabwe.

The two cadres who featured in the post were criticised for allowing Sikhala dress in a way that is not befitting to a man of his stature.

Amongst the critics was the MDC-T Spokesperson Linda Masarira who said his waistcoat was not from this world.

Sikhala’s dressing has become more popular on social media platforms than his political work.

However, Sikhala is not the only public figure whose dressing has fallen to public scrutiny, among that list is the ZBC TV Chief Correspondent, Reuben Barwe.