Its a Women Crush Wednesday and these ladies got the attention by ‘nailing’ it with their short haircut and funky styles.

Nevertheless, crushing might be on the hairstyle but with these women, you might just end up impressed with how they rock their lives. So today, our crush is none other than these women below:

1: Danai Gurira

A unique beauty with ‘brains’ and talent. A short hair cut sure does ‘justice’ to her facial features compared to any other style, but obviously that can be refuted.

She is a Zimbabwean-American based actress, playwright and is best known for her starring role as ‘Okoye’ in the Marvel CinematicUniversal superhero film, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: End Game. As of April this year, her net worth was $4 million
Its upto to you: either the cut or the afro

2: Tariro Sarudzai Mharapara a.k.a DJ Butterfly

She looks stunning in her short tinted hair cut and her taste for funky hairstyle does looks good on her too.

One of the most popular and talented radio personalities in Zimbabwe. She is a former Big Brother Africa housemate. Tariro is current a DJ at Power FM.

3: Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe

A politician and widow of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

She is a strong willed woman who is not afraid of challenging any situation regardless of the implications or threats that might follow.

She was the Head of the Women’s League during the time her husband was in power.

4: Candice Mwakalyelye

Looking beautiful in her tinted hairstyles. Many might not even know that she has albinism because she sure does a good job on her appearance, so its a thumbs up to Candy.
She is an award-winning Zimbabwean radio personality and a show host at ZiFM Stereo. She is a brand ambassador for DeeKawZee accessories and make-up by Gamu. She is also a brand ambassador for clothing companies as well as hairdo companies.

5: Cindy Munyavi

She is an award-winning artist, song writer and a entreprenuer who is running a boutique called Cindy’s Fashion Corner. She is excellent with her hairstyles

6. Eve Kawadza

A very confident woman both in life and on stage, its quite visible considering how she aced that funky style.

She is a Zimbabwean musician and lead vocalist for the Blaqberry Music. She is both talented and gorgeous. She is popular with these two singles ‘Mari yangu’ and ‘Garisanayi’.