Leaked Video – ED Mnangagwa Attends A Cleansing Ceremony At Mudzidzi Wimbo Shrine

ED Mnangagwa Before the Coup

In this undated video before the Zimbabwe Military Coup, A heavily guarded ED Mnangagwa is seen attending a cleansing ceremony at Mudzidzi Wimbo Shrine.

Mudzidzi Wimbo, who died in Harare on the 12th of July 2018.

He was a mysterious religious figure who reportedly foretold the future events that would take place on Zimbabwe such as the rise of Robert Mugabe.

Mudzidzi Wimbo was highly regarded by Zimbabwean politicians, especially those from ZANU PF and at one point he was kept under guard by one Faction of ZANU PF to prevent the other Faction from accessing him.

ED Mnangagwa is known for consulting various spiritual and traditional mediums in a bid to outsmart his enemies.