Full Name: Sibusiso Moyo, Born in 1960 at Munene Mission Hospital, Mberengwa.
Wife: Loice Matanda

Mother: Catherine Moyo
Father: Cephas John Moyo
Brothers: Bothwell Moyo and sixother family members

Primary School: Masvingo Primary School
Secondary School: Munene Secondary School

Higher Education
S.B Moyo is a holder of PhD in International Relations from the University of Zimbabwe, masters in Business Administration from Zimbabwe Open University and a masters in International Relations from the University of Zimbabwe.

Moyo joined the army in 1977. He raised through the ranks of the army to become what he is now.
In 2016, he was promoted by the late President Mugabe from Brigadier General to Major General. On 30 November 2017 Moyo was appointed the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Moyo is mentioned in a major U.N report on the plundering of natural resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo following the war in 1990s.

The report says Moyo was the Director General of COSLEG, the company involved in exploiting diamond mining, logging and banking in the DRC.

In 2011, Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe reported that Sibusiso Moyo commanded the military operation in Midlands Province in 2008 election. It is said Moyo was behind the people who were murdered and crippled in the violent 2008 Presidential runoff in Midlands.

In addition, Moyo, who is now called ‘General Bae’ after he comes on air to address the nation on ZBC telling the nation that ‘the country has moved to another level,”

He said, “President Mugabe is and his family are safe. Soldiers have not taken over the country but are only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice.”