Zimbabwe on the Verge of a Coup as ED Mnangagwa goes after General Chiwenga’s friend at Sakunda

The fight between General Chiwenga and ED Mnangagwa has reached a new level.

Last week, the bank accounts of Sakunda were frozen by the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe. This was immediately reported by various government news outlets such as Zimpapers and ZBC.

This was unprecedented because Tagwirei used to be untoucheble as a close friend of ED Mnangagwa.

The closure of the bank accounts of Sakunda could easily trigger another coup.  This is because during the first coup, Tagwirei was at the centre of it all:

First Coup – Tagwirei in Politiburo

According to Gambakwe sources, the first  major fall out between G40 and Lacoste happened because ED Mnangagwa brought Tagwirei into a Politiburo meeting when he was not supposed to be there. He also brought members of the military into the meeting.

A big fight broke out because members of G40 such as Muzembi, Chombo, Zhuwao and Moyo did not want to sign the Command Agroculture documents that Tagwirei was pushing.

The first coup was therefore meant to get rid of internal opposition to Command Agriculture. ED Mnangagwa was the only person that could support Command Agriculture on behalf of Tagwirei.

But ED Mnangagwa was not next in line, so ED Mnangagwa needed help to get rid of Sekeramayi.

How Zimbabwe Special Forces Entered Sekeramayi’ s Bedroom

In 2017, Zimbabwe Special Forces entered the Bedroom of Sydney Sekeramayi. They somehow managed to go past his bodyguards and once inside, they delivered a chilling warning.

They carefully removed the clothes that Sekeramayi and his wife had been wearing and took them out of the room. They then took these clothes and hung them outside the house. They also took the wife’s bag and her jewelery and put them on a wash line outside.

After this event, Sekeramayi abandoned his plans for the presidency.

Mnangagwa Fall-out with General Chiwenga

– SB Moyo and General Chiwenga believe that they were poisoned by Mnangagwa people
– ED Mnangagwa believes his bombing at white city stadium was the work of General Chiwenga.
– General Chiwenga was removed from the Ministry of Defense portfolio angering the Military

ED Mnangagwa Mediation in Tagwirei – Wadyawajena Partnership

– Mayor Wadzyawajena was business partners with Tagwirei
– After their fall out Wadyawajena went to court demanding $7 Million
– Tagwirei went to ED Mnangagwa, to ask him to mediate
– ED Mnangagwa managed to reduce the amount sought by Wadyawajecn to 2,7 Million
– However, Tagwirei only managed to pay back the 600 000 and failed to pay the 2 million.
– When taken to Court, Tagwirei said he only agreed to the deal because of under duress.
–  Tagwirei felt that ED Mnangagwa gave him a raw deal.

Operation Restore Economy

There is a complicated set of relationships between Mnangagwa and Tagwirei:

– Tagwirei is a cousin of Mnangagwa’s
– Tagwirei has became closer to General Chiwenga in recent times because of the reasons given above
– ED Mnangagwa sees Trafigura and Sakunda and Command Agriculture as an axis of evil
– Mthuli Ncube is being starved of resources by a Military Cartel that is running a parallel government
– General Chiwenga sees Mnangagwa as Corrupt and ineffective and relying too much on Mthuli Ncube
– General Chiwenga is now setting into action  the very same mechanisms that he set into action during the 2017 Coup.

The freezing of the Sakunda accounts has been reversed by General Chiwenga ‘s Faction at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.