Sunday Combined Service
22 September 2019
Prophet E. Makandiwa
Scriptures: Daniel 11:32 read the whole chapter

• This is a beautiful day. God has given us the grace to turn every curse into a blessing and to turn an evil day into a good.

• Daniel before he could describe a generation that would come in verse 32 he talks about the corruption of those who forsake the Mosaic Covenant and that those who know their God being strong and doing exploits.

• Daniel is giving the exact time of the reign of Darius in verse 1 and what He, Daniel did

• Daniel stood to confirm and to strengthen the king in his first year of reign. Darius was already King of the Mede but he needed a Prophet to confirm him as King and to give him strength. For a year Darius was an unconfirmed King and he was very weak. Daniel had to stand up to confirm and strengthen Darius meaning that according to the Volume of the books and the records of heaven Darius was not confirmed as king and he was weak, very weak.

• The strength is not coming from the King to strengthen the prophet but the prophet to the king. It is not for the politicians to confirm and strengthen prophets but for prophets to confirm and strengthen the politicians.

• Every King needs a prophet. A prophet can be there without a king but a king cannot be there without a prophet. Strength is always coming from the prophetic meaning at any given time the prophetic is always superior to every situation. If everything else we see happening is under the strength of politicians including the economic situation of a country, it means the strength of any economy there must be a prophet to stand and confirm and strengthen the economy of that country.

• There is a stretching forth of a divine hand over our situation.

• Even Moses during the battle he went up the mountain and lifted up his hands as Israel was fighting in the battle. Physically he was away from the battle ground but spiritually he was participating in the battle. Even as Israel was winning the battle in the valley they have to understand who is standing to confirm their victory and to strengthen them. God has given to us the grace that we can extend our spiritual hands to places that we are not physically.

• Daniel the prophet saw the coming of many kings, how they would rise to power and how they would also fall even up to the coming of Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was getting more powerful but without a prophet to confirm him and he was defeated. Daniel was so precise and his visions were very clear to him, he knew what he was seeing.

• Daniel was telling of how the King would come and establish a covenant with the people but amongst the people of God some would do wickedly and fight against the Covenant. Then the King would corrupt the people with great flatteries, the King would be a Great Orator. It is during that time when many are being corrupted by great flatteries and mere words that those that know their God shall be strong and do great exploits. During this time many of our people are being corrupted by mere words. But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

• Not every one shall be strong and not everyone shall do exploits. Knowing God is going to be the source of their strength. These people will know their God through the information that they’ll get. They’ll act physically according to the information that they have.

• What exactly am I supposed to know about this God that will give me strength? It means I’ve to know God at my points of weaknesses. When you’re at your weakest points that’s an opportunity to know God, comprehend Him, discern Him. We learn God more when we are weak.

• When a miracle takes place the person who really understand what’s going on is the one receiving the miracle.

• You’re prolonging your stay at the college of God because you’re failing to understand what God wants you to understand through the experiences you’re going through because God will not allow you to move forward unless you understand. Apart from learning and understand the source of your problem what else have you learnt?

• Most people resort to learning about the problem or wellness when they’re weak. Everything that we have known so far is what has made us weak as a nation. We are said to be educated but what do we know? Now God is setting aside another syllabus that if we understand it, it becomes our strength

• The devil is taking away the real textbook (God) and then he replaces it with your problem and you study your problem and not God. If Shadreck, Misheck and Abednego were to go on the internet and study fire that knowledge is what was going to give strength and power to the fire. The fire will burn and destroy you according to the knowledge of it that you have.

• Don’t allow your knowledge of the fire to overweigh your knowledge of God

• Our God is able. He is able to deliver us from the burning fire.

• You must always prepare a speech and deliver it to the devil that your God is able to deliver you out of his hand whilst you’re still under the grip of the devil.

• If I’m supposed to know God and by knowing him I become more powerful. I can now go out there and do exploits. Paul says …that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection…. [Philippians 3:10]

• Some of us we know too much and everything that you know has nothing to do with your strength. Everything else that you’ve known that’s what has made you weak because you’ve left out God.

• You cant compare your situation with God.

• Power and strength come from knowing Him.

• If you understand God then you’ll be consumed by God but if you understand fire you’ll be consumed by fire.

• There are somethings about God that are never written and will never be found in the bible. The bible was written by people who knew God and were inspired by the Holy Spirit. The bible was written by people who didn’t have the bible, they didn’t know the bible but they knew God. Understanding the bible is not understanding God.

• If what’s recorded in the bible is not everything that Jesus did then we need the prophetic grace to read what Jesus did and was not recorded in the bible. Jesus performed many miracles that even his disciples could not understand and could not tell that it was a miracle. This is why we have Matthew, Mark and Luke all writing the same things and not even one of them wrote anything different. It takes a miracle for you to realize a miracle. Its miracle to be able to know and understand another miracle.

• God can collect prayers at the point of imagination and He can answer the prayers. Some have been given husbands they had not prayed for. Some were given children even before they were ready for the children. *….Ephesians 3:20….*

• The power in us is working. Zimbabwe’s industries might not be working but the power in us is working. God does not work according to His power but according to the power that you have developed and is working within you. Develop the power within you. Nurture Godliness, nurture the power of God and develop it. Get more of the knowledge of God.

• Everything around you is discouraging you. Even if you close your eyes, the moment you open them you see discouraging things. If you spend 2 days in a fuel queue during those 2 days you’re learning something that will kill you. Thinking of your wife and kids and who is taking care of them or protecting them should a thief break in. But it is during this time that the people that know their God will be strong and do exploits.

• The people who came and colonised Zimbabwe had an understanding of dominion. They had studied and understood God. If you cant subdue your own nation when are you going to be able to subdue other nations. You’re never free unless you’re free from their products.

• There is something wrong with our understanding. What we think we know doesn’t work. What we think is rubbish. Nowadays we know here in Zimbabwe that if a thief breaks into your house and you call the Police they’ll tell you to bring the thief to the police station because they don’t have fuel to drive to your house. People are not applying what they claim to have learnt. But take out your gun and shoot the thief, that’s when they’ll show you that they’re really leaned people as they will be trying to nail you down for killing a thief who had broken into your house…..

• More people are dying in this country than those being killed by x_en0ph0bia in other countries. It is during that time when people are weak that they should begin to study God, but for many it’s very hard to begin to study God when you have a situation. In some clinics around the country they’re now telling the husband of a woman who’s about to give birth or due for an operation to bring about 20 to 40 litres of diesel to power the clinic generator.

• There’s need for the strengthening of weak systems by the prophetic.

• When forces and powers above you are weak, even you as a man at home you’ll be rendered weak and useless. You will fail to be a father at home. You cannot be stronger if you’re submitting to an inferior authority.

• What is needed is to stop looking outside but to look within. Our deliverance is local. African problems will only respond to African solutions. It’s the power that works in us and not in America.

• The God that we have in Africa is unlike the God they have out there. Spiritually we have been given and blessed. We have God!!! This our God will deliver us because he has already delivered us


• Be careful that the devil will take away all your strength such that when God tells you to move you’ll not be having any strength. Don’t let stress and depression take away your strength.

• When you’re confronted with problems, if things finally get better, the goodness of things will not undo the damage that was done.

• Don’t go out there and look at what at they’re doing but go and look at what God is doing. This message is for your strength. The prophet is strengthening you and confirming you.

• The devil has his own problems. He knows tomorrow you’ve a contest and he wants to take away your strength so that when the contest comes you’ll be weak.

• Aren’t you all in fire? Why is it that you cant tell that the fire isn’t consuming you? You’re a miracle!!

• We are getting into a season of greater works were the prophet will be more intentional in working out miracles and he will be making follow ups on the miracles u till the testimony is given.

• The anointing requires control and somebody who can direct it. The hand of God, His love, His heart must be focused on a person until a miracle happens.

• Sharpen your eyes for we are now in a season where you’ll be seeing what you’ve never seen before.

• It doesn’t make sense to have a man you call spiritual father and then soon after calling him spiritual father you immediately forget he is spiritual. If you say you’re my spiritual father you’re saying your spirit have begotten me. If your mentor is a spiritual being why must you hear him only when you come to the church physically? Something is wrong!!!

• If you have a man of God then there’s a God in the man who must be interacted with. Understand the revelation otherwise you’ll call it witchcraft.

• If the prophet cannot come to your house and talk to you then he is not your spiritual father but your biological father because you can only hear him when you come to church physically/ biologically. It means you’re being fathered by the flesh. That thing you call the man of God, the God in the man must be interacted with. A true man of God must be able to gather true members and conduct a spiritual service where they meet as spirits and hear the next instruction. That’s what Jesus calls the church not gathering physically. Can you hear the voice of Eli in your bedroom?

• A biological father has his DNA inside of his children and this is a contribution that cannot be ignored and that makes his place as a father guaranteed and cemented in the life of his biological children. You cannot have a spiritual father and not have the spirituality of that father.

• There is some spiritual technology that God has made available so that we can attend services in the spirit with our Man Of God. We can talk to him and he advises us in advance and we can make well informed decisions and choices.

• When Lamerch was facing a situation after Enoch was taken away and a child was born who had a strange complexion and when he had opened his eyes there was light in the whole house. Lamerch went to the ends of the earth to enquire from Enoch about the child. Enoch wrote his book when he was already taken. It was Enoch who told Lamerck what to do and he also named the child Noah. It was the grandfather Enoch who named Noah and gave a narration of what Noah would do and see during his days. Take note that Enoch was already taken away an no longer on the earth. [Book of Enoch]

• The bible says we have come to the congregation of spirits of just men made perfect. [subject for another day]. ……… [Hebrews 12:23]

• …..there are parts in the bible where the angel said to John do not worship me…. [Revelations 19:9-10; Revelations 22:8-9] . It was John who called the personality an angel but the personality was not an angel. He called himself a fellow servant. Angels do not have the testimony of Jesus but only saints. John spoke to a dead Christian who was just and made perfect. It was prophets and saints made perfect that John spoke to. John spoke to the dead, they’re the ones who were giving him revelations. These are clean spiritual activities and not African juju

• If you understand this your interactions in the spirit are going to shoot up. You’ll receive guidance from strange personalities. The prophet must be able to come and sit next to you whilst you’re driving and give you instructions.

• The prophet will be more intentional in working out miracles.

• If you want God to visit you in a special way today, the prophet has released a special grace of God over your life.

• The difference between us and the prophet is that the prophet interacts with the spirits of just men made perfect. An imperfect spirit can never give you anything that is perfect.


[Prepared by Sir Xavi]