Queen Tatelicious life in the UK already dramatic

Barely A Week in the UK and Tatelicious Has Already called cops on peopleYesterday Sunday morning turned out to be quite eventful when transwoman Tatelicious went live fuming and getting impatient when the Belfast police took long to come.According to Ms Tate, her neighbour turned violent after he saw her being dropped by another car in the morning. She confessed to have had more than 3 s_xual encounters with him before she found out he had a girlfriend.Labelling the man as transphobic and racist, she told the police that her life could be in danger as evidenced by a broken window which the man broke with a cricket bat.Fans were now scared for her as she might be blacklisted from police calls because of calling the police everytime(now it’s 2times in barely 2weeks).We all can’t wait to see what the Human Rights Activist will be up to next