General Chiwenga Fed up With ED Mnangagwa, Plans to Make Kasukuwere President – Spotlight Zimbabwe

Spotlight Zimbabwe reports that fights between ED Mnangagwa and the ill general Chiwenga have intensified. The story was written by Mary-Kate Kahari/Malvin Motsi on 19 September 2019.

General Chiwenga, although ill, is now controlling affairs from China.

Key Events

– CDF Valerio Sibanda who has been chairing JOC, is reporting directly to China after JOC meetings.

– Saviour Kasukuwere has visited General Chiwenga in China and is likely to replace ED Mnangagwa.

– General Chiwenga and CDF Valerio Sibanda spoke to Mugabe before he died, but ED Mnangagwa did not.

Reasons for fights

1. ED Mnangagwa has been parceling out massive tracks of land to foreign governments under the radar, in particular Belarus.
2. ED Mnangagwa has allowed foreign investors to own up to 100  equity in “strategic minerals” such as platinum and diamonds taking advise from Mthuli Ncube.
3. The economic Collapse is making the Army generals look bad after the Coup. Recently the
4. ED Mnangagwa and Mthuli Ncube are being influenced by a ‘Telecommunications Entrepreneur Front ‘


The reports by Spotlight Zimbabwe confirms what our sources said last week that a military cartel is now in charge in Zimbabwe. ED Mnangagwa can not control this Cartel.

Mthuli Ncube is now isolated and has been cut off from accessing Treasury funds especially from key minerals such as Platinum and Gold, which are being secretly shipped to China every week.

The situation will soon deteriorate into a tribal fight between the Sibanda clan and the Zezurus.