The Ministry of Information and Publicity has released the reviewed salaries for Gardeners, Housekeepers, Child minders, Disabled minders add workers with unclassified operations.

The review is as follows:

Gardeners ZW$160.00

Housekeeper ZW$168.48

Child Minder ZW$179.00

Disabled Minder with a Red Cross Certificate or equivalent ZW189.70

Workers in unclassified operations ZW$338.00

Zimbabweans from all walks of life are not happ with this development because is real mony terms it’s less than US$10 and continues to fall in value as the ZW$ continues to tumble against the US$.

Some however said it is difficult to pay them more since most of their bosses are also getting lss than US$50 especially government employees.

Zimbabwe continues to fall deep into economic crisis.