Most spiritualist have interpreted the flop of Mugabe’s funeral procession at the National Sports Stadium as a sign that Mugabe’s ghost is expressing anger on Munangagwa from the grave.

Dr Clarence of TV7 live has identified three signs that Mugabe is speaking from the grave namely

  • There where more dignitaries than local attendants at the event . This reduces the event to a mere political conference.
  • Fewer state leaders attended the event. This shows that Zimbabwe still has a long way to go as far as international re engagement is concerned.
  • South African president Cyril Rhamaphosa was booed and forced to apologize for the xenophobia attacks in South Africa against Zimbabweans. This shows that Robert Mugabe is not happy at all by the hypocrisy being played by Cyril Rhamaphosa on the xenophobia issue.

What is more shocking is that people started pulling out of the event venue after ED Mnangagwa started giving his speech.

Is Mugabe speaking from the coffin? Share your thoughts on this.