Former Governor of the RBZ

Well know for his association with the Zimbabwe hyper inflation era

Born Gideon Gono
Birthday on the 29th of November 1959
Born in Buyers, Manicaland

Marriage and Family
Married to Tsitsi Hellen in 1982
Has four Children Passion,Prince,Pride and Praise

Early life
Did his primary education in Chivhu
Secondary education at Daramombe
Corresponded for O and A level through rapid results college.

Holds the following
Pitman Diploma in Book keeping
Diploma with ZAAT now SAAA
Diplomatic,with CIS
Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (UZ)
Honorary doctorate degree in Law
PHD in Strategic Management (Atlanta University )

Worked as an office help at National Breweries Kwekwe 1977.
Moved to Zimbabwe Fertiliser company as a book keeper.
Worked for Van Leer as an accountant.
Finance manager at Zimbabwe Development Bank. Was promoted to General manager.
Was Managing director at the Bank of Commerce and Credit(most successful bank under his leadership )
CEO of the Jewel Bank (Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe )
Governor of the RBZ from 2003 -2013

Owns a farm in Norton
Rears Chicken under brand name Luna Chickens.

In 2008 published a book Zimbabwe Cassini Economy focussing on the post colonial economy of Zimbabwe.

In October 2010 alleged affair with Grace,Mugabe.

Personal Sanctions
Was banned for visiting the United States because of the position he held.

After resigning from being governor made 2 failed attempts of being senator.
He was not a registered voter in the province he wanted to compete.

Gideon Gono with Uebert Angel and Makandiwa validating the miracle money