I recently had a call with a Zimbabwean Man who is based in SA and he was very depressed. His main issue is that his wife has became abusive and this is affecting his health.

He has resorted to heavy drinking and at one point he has contemplated taking very drastic measures.

However, because they have two children together he has decided to stay in the Marriage for the sake of the children. He is also reluctant to leave this marriage because he left his first wife to be with this new woman.

The purpose of this video is for me to get this man some help. If you are a therapist or psychologist staying in Johannesburg please get in touch with me so we can offer this man some free counselling sessions.

So here is the situation:

The main problem that he is having with his wife are the following:

1. Since she got a new job, which pays more money, She shouts at him in abusive terms in front of the Children and other people.
2. She Calls Her relatives and puts them on the speaker phone and talks about their marriage
3. She allocates property according to who bought it, for example she would say thats my bed, thats my TV. One day she shouted at him  to get off her bed.
4. He is a very good father, but he feels that she is taking advantage of his good nature.

Special Factors

– He works from home
– He does not have a regular salary ( He gets money at intervals)
– She has threatened to move out and has at one point threatened to move out
– When he gets money she is very loving and everything becomes OK.


I need someone who is a therapist or a psychologist who can assist with this case to contact me so that he can assist this young man.