Why ED Mnangagwa Will Not Get A Penny From G7 Countries

Hopwell Chin’ono

The regime chocked Bulawayo with its instruments of brutality, horseback, in trucks, in helicopters.

What it doesn’t realise because of its legendary incompetence is that it is providing evidence (V11s) to the world that NOTHING has changed at all, as it continues to use the infamous repressive law, POSA, to block People’s Marches.

This is why Prof. Mthuli Ncube won’t get a penny from G7 countries that he hopes will bank roll his debt restructuring program!

The mask that Mnangagwa wore when he came into power via the coup has finally dropped!

P/s Today’s regime controlled Herald newspaper called the Bulawayo demons flop and didn’t tell its readers that the city was packed with brutality.

That is why they don’t want Political Reforms at ZBC, they don’t want alternative voices that will tell the country the truth.

Yet they want the world to treat them like a normal government without allowing citizens to exercise their rights!