Peter Dhewa Moyo’s girlfriend, Caroline Rutendo Makamache has reportedly suprised her love by a birthday gift of a car.

Writing on her facebook account, Carol tagged Peter and wrote the hearty congratulaory message saying “I’m insecure, and so you tell me “you’re beautiful” so many times and most times I don’t believe you. Not because I don’t want to, but because many who came before you said the same thing and still hurt me. But then I realised, it’s a whole different kind of meaning, when you can say it, when you can show me, and when you can prove it. I’m not even too sure I deserve you, and more often than not I have to pinch myself just to be sure you’re real. Uri miracle yakakwana mudiwa, this is literally God showing off his power in my life, coz every single thing I have prayed for he has customized it in you. You came with specificactions my guy and I give the highest recommendation to the creator. I love you, for the day you were born I am especially grateful. Pauri Mwari vaito flexer zvavo just to show me what he can do.”
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