In this week’ Sunday Service, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Spoke about understanding the prophetic

11 August 2019
Prophet E Makandiwa
Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 14:31-32
Title: Understanding the Prophetic

There are a few things we need to understand when dealing with the Prophetic,the man of God instructed. He said that this is not something to be hurried and its important to give the Prophet the opportunity to prophecy.

He said all of us can prophesy but it has to be one prophet at a time and all the prophets will
still remain prophets even when they’re not prophesying.

He said prophecy does not come from an individual but from God to the Prophet then from the Prophet to an individual,every child born of a Prophet is a prophet.

The man of God emphasised on the importance of listening when one prophet is prophecying for there are many things that we don’t understand about ourselves, what the Prophet hears from God is what he trusts more than what he hears from a person.

•There’s nothing that the prophet says that you can say no to. You don’t have the grace and you don’t have the power. If he calls you a doctor and you say no I’m a teacher then you’re prophesying to yourself.

Destinies can be changed because a Prophet said so.The prophet does not prophesy to prove a point to but to help and to comfort.

The reason for prophesying one after another is that all must learn, and benefit from that prophecy. He said it is impossible to leave a prophetic environment and say you never benefited. Prophecy is a learning process.

Prophet E Makandiwa taught on how the Prophetic can address many people at the same time

•Anyone not being directly communicated to by the prophet can tap and benefit from the prophecy being given.

He said it is actually difficult for the person being prophesied to to hear because the person won’t be understanding or learning anything so it is better to learn from someone with a similar problem as yours.

He said one must be happy if his or her neighbour is being prophesied to because prophetic instructions are given to everyone and can work on anyone who follows and acts up on them.

He said that the Holy Spirit is not an author of confusion,even if there are many Prophets in the same room,he deals with one prophet at a time. He allows the other prophets to contribute to the other prophet and release their Grace ,so they back him up through prayer.

The holy spirit does not waste visions by giving them to someone who will not contribute to the Prophecy at that moment. If you are in the office of a Prophet its impossible for you to tell a lie.

•Prophet Makandiwa said it is important to always pray for the prophet and the one being prophesied to because once prophesied one is exposed to the devil, prayer life must change from that moment,one must not received a prophecy if not ready to pray.

He said deep prophecy is when the word that comes is very contrary to the prevailing circumstances,its important never to argue with a word from a true man of God.

The prophetic reveals to preserve.

Glory be to God

Written by Tatenda Chigugudlo

[email protected]