In a sign of unprecedented panic, the ED Mnangagwa Government Has banned the MDC 16 August Protest March.

This sets the stage for the Arrest and victimization for MDC members who want to participate in the Protest March Called by MDC President Nelson Chamisa.

This also represents a major statement of the lack of rule of law in Zimbabwe and will indicate to investors that Zimbabwe is now a full fledged military Dictatorship.

Speaking on ZBC, the Harare Commanding Officer Oliver Mandipaka revealed that the MDC has been served with a prohibition order as the demonstration was assessed to have the potential to be violent.

This is a suspicious and unexplainable move as it is not the legal police of the police in Zimbabwe to stop demonstrations.

This was a highly expected move and as we indicated here during the past week, demonstrations and Elections have became impossible in Zimbabwe under ED Mnangagwa s rule.