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Ginimbilite confesses love for Seh Calaz’s ex-wife Moira

Socialite Ginimbilite has confessed his love for Seh Calaz's ex-wife Moira Knight. Ginimbilite said he can love and treat Moira better than the abusive dancehall...

Seh Calaz to pay $45 000 rtgs for maintenance

Dancehall chanter Seh Calaz has been ordered to pay $45 000 for maintenance of his child with Moira Knight. Moira had claimed US$1 050, and...

Moira Knight Celebrates her Son’s Second Birthday

Prominent Zimbabwean musician, Moira Knight is celebrating her son's 2nd birthday.   Knight took to social media to celebrate her son's birthday. "Though you only came into...

Moira Knight now dating a woman

Prominent Zimbabwean socialite and musician, Moira Knight is allegedly dating with a woman. Moira Knight took to social media to post a picture of herself...

Moira Exposes Seh calaz

Prominent Zimbabwean musician, Moira Knight says his ex-husband Seh Calaz was abusive.   In an interview yesterday, Moira said she  tried a lot to save her...

Seh Calaz’s ex-wife Moira Knight demands maintenance

Seh Calaz’s ex-wife has filed a letter of demand with lawyers Masawi and Partners where she is seeking child support for their only child,...

Moira Knight Gets New Bald Look.

Moira Knight the ex wife to Seh Calaz has surprised her fans after getting a new bald haircut. In a recent facebook post, Moira Knight...


WATCH LIVE: Mnangagwa feared a coup was in progress

WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at Mnangagwa's actions which showed that he was preparing for a coup. Please watch the video above this post for...
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