WATCH Live as Gambakwe looks at the announcement by Parliament that Jameson Timba is not the CCC leader and he can not make appointments on behalf of the party.

Mudenda has removed all those who were appointed through a letter written by Timba. This means that the political finances act funds will now likely go to Promise Mkwananzi. There are currently four letters in Parliament from various CCC factions which include Mkwananzi, Tshabangu, Ncube and Timba.

Please watch the video above this post for mor details.

Key events for this week

1. Mnangagwa to attend the KAZA event in Livingstone, Zambia.


1. South African vote counting is in progress. This whole weekend the focus will be on what happens as no party is expected to be dominant.
2. Another election taking place in Madagascar.
3. South Africa has experienced a high voter turnout and is expected to be above the 66% that was recorded in 2019.
5. War Veterans demand to be included in government.
6. Blessed Gezha says war veterans have been sidelined.
7. War Veterans are not the future of Zimbabwe…
8. Vimbayi Nyakudzya appointed as the CEO of CAFCA.
9. Old Mutual dissolving their ZSE ETF
10. Mnangagwa government fails to provide funds for the repair of the national Sports Stadium.
11. Chinese to provide bucket seats for National Sports stadium
12. Emirates route from Zimbabwe has carried over 1 million passengers


1. A weak opposition is not good for Zimbabwe.
2. Many people want to maintain the old ways of doing things.
3. A new approach is required.
4. The focus is now on getting young people to participate in their own