Former legislator Job Sikhala has responded to Midlands Provincial minister Owen Mudha Ncube’s calls of violence.

Sikhala said Mudha and ZANU PF are free to do anything they want even if its being killed.

Below is what he said:

What exactly is the youth being instructed to do against me and Ostalos by Owen Mudha Ncube? It’s clearly an incitement to kill us through violent means.

They are free to do whatever they want and carry out the task they have been given to do so publicly. Many were maimed, tortured, and killed. It’s not new. This is exactly what I said in Geneva. Terror and violence against opponents of the regime publicly pronounced without recourse to the rule of law. If you answer back, they arrest you and get you in prison without bail.

They have all the freedom to abuse, attack, and incite terror against us, and we have no recourse whatsoever. It is their time to abuse the stolen authority they flaunt wherever they want. People are no fools. The world is no fool. Go ahead and carry out your threats!!!