WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the raging case involving Zimbabwe businessman, Wicknell Chivhayo.

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1. Wicknell Chivayo left Zimbabwe abruptly after an audio of him speaking on Mnangagwa was leaked.
2. Chivayo realised the seriousness of the situation after State security denied Chivayo entry into State house when he went there to explain himself.
3. ZACC spokeswoman, Thandiwe Mlobane told the Standard newspaper today that they will not investigate Chivayo as no one has made a report.
4. Mlobane says even if the report comes straight from the newspapers, we need someone to come forward because it will look like we are witch hunting or something.
5. Mlobane says she will check on Monday if any report has been made against Chivayo.
6. Zimbabwe population registry system (ZPRS) set to go online before the end of this year.
7. The system will act as the central database for all Zimbabwean citizens’ information and will link various departments including hospitals.
8. The family of Nomathemba Mbatha, the girlfriend of ANC Vice President, Paul Mashatile, has written a letter requesting a meeting.
9. Norma’s brother Muzothule Mbatha, has written a letter to Mashathile requesting the meeting.
10. Muzothule said in the letter that the family has decided to intervene after Nomathemba formally brought the matter to the family.
11. The family requested to meet by 15 June after Norma wrote her own letters to Mashatile in April and also on May 4.
12. Mduduzi Mbada, the head of office of the Vice President wrote back to Norma and rejected her request for a meeting.
13. Mashatil was also in court with his other ex-girlfriend, Gugu Nkosi.
14. Mashatile got married to Humile Mjongile in March.
15. South African President to be inaugurated on Wednesday.
16. A large cabinet is expected.
17. The DA is negotiating for five ministerial positions.
18. Paul Mashatile is expected to keep his position as Deputy President.
19. The DA has proposed that the portifolio committe chair should not come from the same ministry running the ministry.