WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe looks at the confirmation by CCC spokesman, Nqobizitha Mlilo that negotiations to postpone the Zimbabwe 2028 elections have started. Mnangagwa has also offered MPs cars from his own personal funds to support his bid.

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1. Auxillia Mnangagwa was booed by fed villagers in Mutare. The women were forced to sleep in remand prison after being arrested by Auxillia’s security.
2. The villagers were released after being represented by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights lawyer Tatenda Sigauke and will be back in court on 30 April.
3. The villagers argue that they were arrested during a dragnet arrest when they decided to leave the rally early.
4. The villagers were angry after Auxilia loaded back into a truck the leftovers of bread and blankets from the goods that she had donated.
5. Samukelisiwe and Attalia Zhou Murdered in Ntabazintuna. killed by Justin Mahlaba from Gokwe, who also shot himself dead.
6. Parliamentarians not given fuel for the past 3 weeks as Petrade has not been paid.
7. MPs have not been paid their daily $60 allowance for travelling to and from Mt Hampden. The situation has persisted for the past three weeks.
8. Zimbabwe government has failed to pay for Hotels such as Holiday Inn, Jameson, Crowne Plaza.
9. Rural MPs have no cash and are now wondering the streets and some are sleeping in their cars.
10. Charlene Mkandawire dies during an accident with Rainford Kalaba.
11. She was currently married to Boyd Mkandawire.
12. CCC asks for 2028 elections postponement.
13. AFM in Zimbabwe overseer Tamuka Zvavahera from Bulawayo West is resisting removal from the church.
14. Starlink has been thrown out of Zimbabwe
15. Zimbabwe Child President Navile Tawananyasha Mavu praises Mnangagwa and Auxilia Mnangagwa.

1. Auxillia Mnangagwa is highly unpopular and is forcing villagers to attend her rallies.
2. Zimbabwe government has ran out of cash within the next few weeks as they have ran out of cash. MPs will find it difficult to reject Mnangagwa’s offer for cars.