Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi says former leader Ian Kama is a man on the run from corruption.

In an interview with Sky news presenter, Masisi said Karma in not setting his foot in Botswana because of his crimes.

“This has got to do with corruption right at the top, the former president is a man on the run from corruption. Why doesn’t he come here to a country? He knows the judicial system”, said Masisi.

This comes after Ian critised Masisi for wanting to send 1000 elephant to Germany which is considered one of the largest importers of hunting trophies in the European Union.

He added that Karma knows the judicial processes thus he has to come back and defend himself if he has done nothing wrong.

“I did not accuse him. I did not investigate him. The rule of law is well entrenched and established in this republic, and he cannot be the one saying that when he knows more than anybody else that he had loads and loads of dubious things”, added Masisi.