The registrar of the Great Zimbabwe university, Sinikiwe Gwatidzo has issued a full statement after she was acussed of mismanging the Great Zimbabwe University.In the statement Gwatidzo said:

  1. The Great Zimbabwe university urges the public to disregard the social media allegations made against Gwatidzo.
  2. Decisions at the Great Zimbabwe University are made by committees and not by an individual. The allegations made by faceless professors who are picking out Gwatidzo whose responsibility if to implement the decisions of committee’s.
  3. For the record, the registrar can not appoint the Pro Vice Chancellors as this is the responsibility of the Chancellor ( Mnangagwa).
  4. There is no power struggle at the Great Zimbabwe university as all stakeholders are afforded the opportunity in senate to air their views.
  5. Besides senate, the university council and the Vice Chancellor has an open door policy and welcome students and employees to meet with them without any prejudice.
  6. The huge number of resignations can not be blamed on Gwatidzo as this is a trend in all universities.
  7. Upgrades are currently taking place at the university to improve student facilities.

Please see the full statement below: