Prominent apostle Talent Chiwenga has slammed Bulawayo based prophet Blessing Chiza for misleading Citizens Coalition for Change former legislator Job Sikhala.

Addressing his congreagates, Chiwenga said Chiza is telling Sikhala to form a new political project instead of taking time off from politics following his release from prison.

The man of God said Sikhala who spent more than 600days in prison should rest and deal with his mental wellness.

Apostle Chiwenga said Sikhala is not in a right position to make big decisions like running a new party.

He added that Chiza is a false prophet who is fond of misleading people. In 2018, Chiza went viral after declaring that Chamisa was going to win 2018 elections which never happened.

Chiwenga also said Sikhala is a troubled soul, he need time out to find himself again.