WATCH LIVE as Gambakwe reveals that a SADC team has arrived secretly in Zimbabwe. The team will give Zimbabwe the conditions for the SADC summit to be held in Zimbabwe.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.


1. SADC preparatory team is in Zimbabwe.
2. The team will provide Zimbabwe with the conditions for holding the summit.
3. This will include dealing with the election dispute.
4. Mnangagwa may fail to assume the chairmanship over its disputed elections.
5. Biti was the first to speak on leadership structure a few weeks back.
6. Mafume spoke on Chamisa yesterday.
7. Sikhala has also spoken on his relationship with Chamisa.
8. Ncube will be speaking on Chamisa today at 9am.
9. Chamisa did not advise the rest of his leadership when he stepped down.
10. Chamisa’s next move is not known to the leadership team.
11. The next move will not include any of the previous leadership team.
12. multiple leaders are concerned about Chamisa’s leadership style.
13. The CCC will continue without Chamisa and will be key in 2028.
14. Mnangagwa will not geta third term over land conflict.
15. Demolitions are focused on Peri-Urban areas.
16. Land was allocated by community leaders.
17. His removal will come before the completion of the 2nd term.
18. Third force very powerful in Zimbabwe.
19. Chiwenga in Russia for Russia Games.
20. Russia facing massive internal condemnation over opposition leader Alex Navalny killing.
21. Samson Zvarimwa dies with a girlfriend over Runde River.
22. Gutu man marries his 14 year old daughter