WATCH as Gambakwe looks at the announcement by Job Sikhala that he is forming a movement:


1. Job Sikhala has announced the launch of his movement
2. The launch of a movement by Sikhala is a mistake
3. There are four mistakes made.
4. Mistake 1 – Not understanding the current problem in Zimbabwe. There is no need to consult anyone nationwide because everyone already selected Chamisa as their leader. There is no contention.
5. Mistake 2 – Not Understanding the nature of the CCC’s diaspora roots. The CCC is based on support from outside Zimbabwe. Any attempt to operate in Zimbabwe will be crushed.
6. Mistake 3 – Not understanding how influence works. A movement does not have influence and is not meant to take power.
7. Mistake 4 – You can not form a movement by yourself and exclude others. A movement is organic.
8. The CCC will be the foundation of the next opposition President. Sikhala should therefore have stayed within the CCC and played the mediator role.
9. Not working with others does not work. There will just be more smaller factions in the opposition that create noise.
10. The same problem was made by Mai Mujuru, Savior Kasukuwere and Nkosana Moyo.
11. Mai Mujuru was heavily infiltrated.
12. Mugabe placed over 20 CIOs around her.
13. Soon she was incapacitated.
14. Zimbabwe government is strange exemptions that are linked to Mutapa investments.
15. Chief Charumbira says Gukurahuni was not a genocide.
16. Denford Ngadziore is back in Harare City Council.
17. Chamisa now has people in council.
18. 80% of all foreign investments in ZImbabwe are from China.
19. Saudi Arabis deal is off the books or was not formalised.
20. Will provide a detailed review of ZIDA tonight.
21. Edgars to list on the Victoria Falls stock exchange.
22. Aiden Mhere steps down as Hippo Valley CEO
23. Entrepreneur Association of Zimbabwe has appointed its board.
24. Founded by Gillian Rusike.
25. New FBC senior appointments have taken effect
26. John Mushayavanhu takes over at the RBZ
27. Putin accuses Tucker Carlson of working for the CIA
28. Felton Kamabo to be sentenced on 4 May
29. Killer of policeman Elisha Munengerwa has been arrested.