Zimbabwe 6 February 2024 News update:

1. Ostallos and Chibaya sent to do the groundwork.
2. Chamisa not taking along anyone from the old CCC and MDC.
3. Confusion as no one is getting information.
4. Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube awaiting Chamisa ‘s next move.
5. CCC Factions fighting over Chamisa
6. Hwende said he spoke to Chamisa for 2 hours on Tuesday and Chamisa said he will no return.
7. Mkwananzi says Hwende has not spoken to Chamisa.
8. Timba now working with Caston Matewu.
9. Timba distanced himself from Matweu.
10. Mkwananzi to lead the CCC as a friendly force.
11. Mnangagwa to establish liberation city
12. Asks SADC for support
13. Mnangagwa wants money to establish the museum.
14. The purpose of this project is to construct a Pan-African multi-country facility which will showcase the diverse African Liberation history.
15. Chamisa did not tweet. Ostallos Did not Tweet.
16. Evidence Chari arresred
17. Chari now has a new girlfriend Ropafadzo
18. Policeman found dead during by-elections Elisha Munengerwa at Kaguvi Primary school in Chegutu.
19. David Coltart will not resign.
20. Dubeko Sibanda left out.
21. Brigadier Siziba has been transferred from 2 Infantry Brigade to 5 Infantry Brigade in Kwekwe, he is replaced by Brigadier Mashava.

About Thabani Mpfu

1. Joined the Bar of Zimbabwe in 2009 at a young age, becoming the youngest advocate in the country.
2. Co-founded The Chambers in 2015, currently the largest set of chambers in Zimbabwe.
3. Involved in numerous landmark cases, including representing the opposition leader in challenging presidential election results.
4. Thabani Mpofu was born on April 13th, 1982, in Ingezi, Kadoma, Zimbabwe.
5. Ingezi is a small town located in the central part of the country, known for its gold mining industry.
6. Mpofu grew up in Kadoma and received his early education at Mupawose Primary School and Munyaradzi Secondary School.
7. He then attended Jameson High School for his A-levels.
8. Initially, Mpofu enrolled for a Law Degree at the Great Zimbabwe University.
9. However, due to the closure of the university’s law faculty, he transferred to the University of Zimbabwe to complete his degree.