ZCC bishop Nehemiah Mutendi graced prophet Uebert Angel’s Harare Hippodrome church yesterday.

Taking to social media, Angel appreciated Bishop Mutendi adding that he is a beacon of light in his life.

He wrote:

There exist individuals upon Earth whom God bestows upon you as beacons of light in your life, individuals whose presence is so integral to your being that you would not, even if given the opportunity, consider removing them. Their significance is such that they become an inseparable part of you.

One occasion that brings me to tears: Upon the passing of my dear mother, as I journeyed homeward to lay her to rest, I vividly recall arriving at the ancestral home to find an array of vehicles laden with provisions: food, chairs, tents, and all manner of necessary items. It was revealed to me that Bishop Mutendi had sent these supplies. Although he had no obligation to do so, he chose to act. He was aware of my self-sufficiency, yet his gesture moved me deeply. His understanding of our capability might have dissuaded a lesser soul, but his love for me, and his recognition of my standing in God within the region, the country, and beyond, propelled him to act.

It is remarkable to note that no discussion or entreaty had taken place, and I had not even communicated with him. The sole occasion on which I had met him was when my father had escorted me to his esteemed educational institution, Mutendi High School, during my initial A Level studies. So it’s good to note I am an alumnus of the alumni of Mutendi High School. Another thing to note about that occasion: Even then, not a word was spoken by me; only my father engaged in conversation. Fast forward to the present, and I find myself standing outside the ancestral abode, greeted by an assortment of provisions sent by Bishop Mutendi, including a talented group of saxophonists to elevate the evening. It was truly magnificent.

In the interest of brevity, I shall conclude by sharing a recent encounter. Yesterday, Bishop Mutendi graced our renowned Harare Hippodrome with his presence. Within the confines of his office, we engaged in prayer, and he imparted numerous blessings upon my life. I am truly grateful to His Eminence, Bishop Mutendi, for the extraordinary grace he has bestowed upon me.