25 January 2024 news roundup.

Please watch the video above this post for mode details.

1. Job Sikhala denied bail, speaks from prison
2. Chamisa speaks on Job Sikhala
3. US withdraws from Zimbabwe debt recovery talks.
4. Sir Calaz no longer Kambucha brand ambassador.
5. Tendai Masamhanda reports Justice Malaba to the Zimbabwe Human Rights commission
6. SADC Executive secretary travels to Mozambique. SADC now involved in two conflicts.
7. Victoria falls selling 400 residential stands. 5000 application forms sold.
8. Westminister Business Group , Laurence Robertson is in Zimbabwe where met Mnangagwa.
9. RajI Modi appointed Deptuty Industry and Commerce Minister replacing Bhila who was fired a few days after his appointment.
10. Zimbabwe signs MOUs with Russia and Belarus.
11. Iranians in Mat North to film a documentary ( Soraya network Group).
12. Detective Khedha arrested for theft of a vehicle in South Africa.